Case Study

Problem Statement

Keeping in mind an ever evolving consumer base, Glitch wanted to study how Gen Z interacts with brands & marketing, and be able to map changing marketing trends along with providing unique insights and solutions.


Yuvaa came together with Glitch with an aim of launching a white paper focused on how the Gen Z perceived, engaged and interacted with different brands.



With an aim to understand Gen Z better, Yuvaa and Glitch came together to explore and get a glimpse of the lens through which the youth look at, and perceive brands. We believe that with each passing modern generation the consumer base is ever-evolving, and thus it is important for brands to keep up with changing trends, patterns, and demands of the newer generations.


  • With the aim of launching a white paper on the Gen-z and their interaction with brands, we started with offline research with Yuvaa’s active community of young students across the country.

  • As the pandemic struck, we adapted to the online realm and found unique ways to continue this research and be able to garner quality insights. To get an authentic understanding of the Gen Z, the research was conducted among undergraduate & postgraduate students via qualitative and quantitative methods.

  • Yuvaa has an active community of 100+ champions across the country who voice their raw, unfiltered opinions and we are proud to provide a platform to enable them to do so. Intending to dive deep into the psyche of the future of our country, we held rich conversations on topics like ‘career vs passion’, ‘patterns of social media consumption’, ‘conforming to societal norms’, ‘relationship with parents’, ‘loneliness’ and much more.


  • Cities research conducted in : 10 cities across India
  • Colleges research conducted in : 35+ colleges
  • Qualitative responses : 500+
  • Quantitative research : 5,000+ students
  • Group discussions conducted with : 400+ students
  • Personal Interviews conducted with : 50+ students