Case Study

Problem Statement

IBM, using its cohort of engineering students, wanted to find a way to engage with budding engineers through a community activation where students could interact and talk to IBMers!


Yuvaa came up with ‘Teach Me Something with Nikhil Taneja’ where students had the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with IBMers and talk about ways of enhancing their efficacy in both their personal and professional lives.



Career related decisions are always hard ones to make, and being able to interact with experts from their field of choice, is beyond helpful. ‘Teach me something with Nikhil Taneja' came to life to be able to bridge this gap for budding engineers and give them a chance to ask relevant questions to successful IBM’ers!


‘Teach Me Something with Nikhil Taneja’, an IBM X Yuvaa collaboration was intended to engage a vast cohort of young students to help them make more informed career choices, give them a glimpse of what goes on in a large multinational, and help provide access to IBMers to have one-on-one conversations



The Yuvaa Roadshow became a means for many to regain self-confidence, a sense of belonging, be empathetic and uplift others. For instance, one of our stories on body positivity went viral among the youth bagging nearly 60K views because of how relatable and unfiltered it was! Another heartwarming instance was when the Roadshow resulted in saving a life because of how cathartic it was for a boy wanting to pursue Sociology and not Engineering.


  • Panelists : 11 IBM'ers spoke to students about interesting and relevant topics to young students like product creation, design thinking, coding, innovation, and more.
  • Attendees : 750+ enthusiastic attendees


The Yuvaa Roadshow kicked off in 2018 with an aim to inspire, teach and explain the meaning & power of kindness! In 2019, we proudly partnered with Instagram and gave our roadshow the theme of kindness making it ‘The Yuvaa Roadshow of Kindness’. Here are some of the things we did as part of this immersive journey
  • Yuvaa put together an online live chat show that was hosted by Nikhil Taneja. As an ex-engineer who could have had this life, Nikhil connected with the youth on a personal level by talking about the things he understands and also asked a lot about the things he doesn’t, like work-life balance, productivity pressure, recruitment, and more!

  • The conversations went beyond mainstream discussions and covered topics like; ‘How to develop inner motivation’, ‘Beyond trending technology to how to build a learning mindset’, ‘Beyond coding languages to how to reprogram yourself for the workplace’, and ‘Beyond the 9 -5 to understanding and talking about how to scale tech solutions to solve real-world problems’.

  • The students were encouraged to ask questions to the panelists to engage in free-flowing discussions. This is when we went from ‘Teach Me Something’, to ‘Teach Us Something’, giving young students an opportunity to ask questions that directly affected them, like concerns about recruitment or the interview process, or about anything technical.

  • In order to help give more people access, we also ran a two month long social media campaign on Yuvaa’s Instagram page wherein we put out recordings of the sessions with the most interesting insights, advice, motivation, and more!