Case Study

Problem Statement

Purpose came to Yuvaa in a bid to find a way to spread information about misinformation in fun & engaging ways!


Yuvaa curated an exciting social media campaign with a music video being the centerpiece to combat misinformation around the covid-19 virus.



Misinformation is dangerous as it tends to play into confirmation bias and people who fall for misinformation often stick to their guns and choose to believe it even when confronted with a fact-check. In a year like 2020 with the widespread of Covid-19, misinformation was a topic that needed much attention.


Yuvaa, Purpose & UNICEF came together with the mission to combat misinformation around the covid 19 virus and instead help in spreading relevant and impactful messages with factual backing.



We know this campaign created a massive impact because:

  • Organic comments on Twitter: Several celebrities engaged with our campaign and even tweeted about it! Sharib Hashmi said “Dear uncles & aunties, listen to this before sharing #FakeNews”, Meghnad said “Remember to pause before you share”

  • Organic media mentions: Platforms like BookMyShow, Indulgexpress, TimesOfIndia, Economic Times, radio & music, engaged with and appreciated our content.

  • Organic comments: Our posts received exciting comments like “Ghar ghar ki kahani”, “ye to sab ghar ki story hai”, “interesting take on such a serious issue”, “you are spreading a great message” and many more!


  • Total reach on instagram: 2,91,362
  • Total impressions on instagram: 3,02,901
  • Total engagement on instagram: 30,325


What started off as a serious conversation about the pitfalls of misinformation for UNICEF & Purpose turned into a fun campaign culminating in a star-studded music video called "Oops I Shared It Again" which remains among the most fun pieces of content we've ever produced!
  • Featuring the likes of Nakuul Mehta, Maanvi Gagroo, Akash Bannerjee, Shreya Dhanwanthary, and journalists like Raghu Karnad, Shereen Bhan, and Meghnad Saha, the video was widely shared and covered by publications like Rolling Stone, the Economic Times, Times of India, and Book My Show. It also got a special mention on UNICEF India's website & social media platforms!

  • We also put out edutainment videos where we used humor as a strong tool to make social change more digestible to audiences. As part of one of the episodes of #SocialLeeDistant, we spoke about how news channels and journalists entertainingly aid misinformation. We also put out multiple ancillary posts via emoji infographics showing statistics, doodle carousels showing the result and impact of misinformation, and more.