Case Study



For a long, we have been asking girls to stay safe and even holding them accountable for not being able to keep themselves protected. But the Gen Z is a generation of new, young people that don't victim shame and holds themselves accountable too. If we want to make spaces for women, online and offline safer, it is not just the responsibility of young girls or the government, but the responsibility of each one of us to create and ensure an environment that can keep girls safe.


With this vision, Yuvaa and Save The Children came together in a two year partnership with an aim to engage the youth in creating a world where young girls feel safer online, and offline by acknowledging, understanding, and addressing the issues of women’s safety in engaging & interesting formats.

Problem Statement

Women’s safety is an issue that requires more conversation. Save The Children wanted to engage youngsters in creating safe spaces for women online and offline


Yuvaa along with STC aimed at initiating conversation, spreading awareness, and educating people around the issue of women’s safety in public places via a multi-faceted social media campaign.


  • With the aim to help build awareness, educate and understand the issue of women’s safety, we started a conversation about the measures women have to take to stay safe, and the need to make our streets safer for them!

  • As a centerpiece of the campaign, we made a short film called “Girls Got Talent” starring Karan Johar and Mithila Palkar that addressed the issue of women’s safety in public spaces, along with a petition to install more streetlights for the safety of women.

Problem Statement

The onus of taking forward the movement of Feminism is not just of women and men need to be active members of these conversations as well. The need of the hour was to find a way to make men better allies of feminism.


Yuvaa curated a social media campaign that broke down complex issues in simple, effective and easy to consume formats in order to start conversations around the importance of allyship.


  • In our second year of partnership, we curated a campaign to encourage men to become active allies to tackle violence against women in online & offline domains. Yuvaa and STC came together to raise awareness and take relevant action for the girl child & adolescent girls during a vulnerable time such as the pandemic.

  • We successfully established a campaign that not only raised awareness for the importance of allyship but also broke down complex issues in simple yet effective manners to start these conversations organically with people around us.


  • While the reach of both the campaigns was incredible, the comments we received on our posts organically made it all the more special, like “Nothing is surprising. Welcome to the daily life of an Asian girl”, “None of these facts are surprising because this is every woman’s reality”, “I wish I didn't have to wear a scarf even when I’m sweating on a hot summer day”, “Better street lighting is so needed in Delhi” and many such more.

  • Along with love from our audience, we also received organic media coverage and reposts from newspapers and blogs like TheQuint, Social news. xyz, business news trends, iwm buzz, etc helped us further this cause and reach a wider audience.

Two different problem statements. Awareness about women's faces in physical spaces. 2020- one year campaign on women issues but men also should be a part of this conversation a lot more. And make men better allies of feminism coz that’s the need of the hour.