Case Study

Problem Statement

Given the negativity in the world, Instagram wanted to find a way to spread kindness and make safety the norm of the internet realm.


Yuvaa and Instagram came together in an attempt to make the internet safer and a kinder place as part of a year-long partnership.



Via Yuvaa’s research wing, we discovered that Genz is the loneliest generation despite having a wide access to the internet


  • Yuvaa embarked on a journey with Instagram called #366daysofkindness with the aim of spreading kindness online. As part of this campaign, Yuvaa came up with 3 solutions

  • Content Creation: Creating content online which took the form of a docu-series called ‘Unlabel’.

  • Kindness Conversations: Interactive and engaging conversations with other content creators

  • Kindness Training Program: A Training Program for budding content creators out there



Yuvaa X Instagram has been one of our largest and most impactful collaborations of all time. The content under #366daysofkindness was appreciated by the youth and got a shoutout from Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri as part of their 10th-anniversary celebration!


The hashtag #366daysofkindness had
  • 900 posts
  • 20M reach
  • 6M visits
  • 420K interactions.

The Kindness Conversations

  • Hosted 22 influencers
  • 4-panel discussions
  • Engaged 1200+ participants

The Kindness Training Program

  • Trained a cohort of 31 young creators having over 2.5L followers combined on Instagram, from 25 cities across the country.


Yuvaa along with Instagram made efforts to spread kindness & empathy virtually! The aim was to help the future of the internet be able to unlearn, be empathetic, and be sensitive to others while sharing their talent!
  • As part of our digital efforts, we created a docu-series ‘Unlabel’, which is a first of its kind IGTV anti-bullying non-fiction series that hopes to help young people break out of the stereotypes and 'labels' given to them by society and to make Instagram a more positive space. Unlabel was launched at Instagram India's first IGX event, by Instagram USA's VP of Product, Vishal Shah.

  • To bring the stories, daily struggles, and more prominent faces of the internet, we hosted Kindness Conversations with Nikhil Taneja as panel discussions. Each panel discussion was based on themes like ‘How to create positive communities online’, ‘How to be an ally to marginalized communities', ‘How to have a healthier relationship with social media’, and ‘how to respond to hate bullying online’.

  • We put together a curriculum and conducted the Kindness Training Program where Nikhil Taneja trained a cohort of young creators across the country.