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Online Safety

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Self Expression

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Inclusivity (LGBTQ+)

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love & Family

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Sex & Body Positivity

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Empathy & kindness

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Wall of Kindness

Yuvaa Wall of Kindness - Amandeep Singh

Amandeep Singh


Manzil milegi bhatak ke hi sahi, gumrah toh woh jo ghar se nikalte hi nahi

Yuvaa Wall of Kindness - Renil Abraham

Renil Abraham


Can you imagine what the world would be like if we were more accepting? I'm not asking you to grab a flag and run on the streets but just to live and just let live. That will change the basics of living for millions acrossthe globe. So, do that.

Yuvaa Wall of Kindness - Muskan Pathan

Muskan Pathan


I think if you can dream about something, you can do it. Baaki chill kar yaar!

Yuvaa Wall of Kindness - Bhavesh Roxx

Bhavesh Roxx


Hey, hope you're doing alright, if you're not, just keep in mind that it will be right soon enough. and if it does not yeh yaad rakho ki picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.. let peace rule in your heart.

Yuvaa Wall of Kindness - Rakesh Tiwari

Rakesh Tiwari


Dekho aisa hai ki, mausam ke saath, zindagi ka har garden khil jaata hai. Agar koshish karte raho toh der se hi sahi, sab mil jaata hai

Yuvaa Wall of Kindness - Swastika Rajput

Swastika Rajput


I hope you will embrace your fear and enlighten it. Just don't worry about the bad moment much because one day it definitely help you to strengthen your life.

Yuvaa Wall of Kindness - Hetal



Hey! Hope your day is going well but remember if not 'it's okay!' Zindagi is all about 'Kabhi dhoop, kabhi chaanv' Just be patient and be grateful. Have a good day!

Yuvaa Wall of Kindness - Vijay Maurya

Vijay Maurya


The day you will start looking at back of your head, you are allowed to pin point others.... or else just be kind to others!