Muskan Malpani

Yuvaa Muskan Malpani

Muskan believes that everyone wants to be heard and not become a topic of discussion so, she wants to be that safe space for everyone.

Hemant Jena

Yuvaa Hemant Jena

Hemant can turn boring moments into interesting ones through his videography and editing skills and also leave a lasting impact on people’s lives.

Janki Godariya

Yuvaa Janki Godariya

Wishes to spread more kindness and empathy around her. A theatre enthusiast who takes life where life is taking her.

Neha Khanna

Yuvaa Neha Khanna

Neha likes quiet spaces and listening to people’s stories. She values honest conversations, and is also an overthinker.

Bhavya Mathur

Yuvaa Bhavya Mathur

Bhavya is a spontaneous planner who always regrets her spontaneous expenses. She lives to dance and work

Nashrah Shaikh

Yuvaa Team Nashrah Shaikh

Nashrah is the ever encouraging who thinks, nothing is impossible! She is a dancer and is always seen with a cup of coffee!

Hiral Barot

Yuvaa Hiral Barot

Hiral, the super accountant, believes in the power of balance in life. She loves watching reels. Don’t wrong her unless you want to double the TDS cut!

Srishti Choudhary

Srishti turned her doodling talent on all the last pages of her notebook into her profession and became a designer and an illustrator. She loves dogs.

Suyash Agarwal

Yuvaa Suyash Agarwal

Suyash is a Bollywood fanboy who loves content. You can always come and have a long discussion with him.

Gajendra Yadav

Yuvaa Team Gajendra Yadav Yuvaa

Gajendra believes in the power of humour, doing good, and in humanity’s inherent goodness. He also believes in donuts. He REALLY believes in donuts.